Hello World!

Well here I am! This is my very first blog but it has been a long time coming. You know those ideas that start to develop into an itch until they become so annoying they just simply MUST be scratched?? Well this blog is just that for me.

I have never blogged before but I have always wanted to involve myself in it and for me there are no better topics to blog about then food, wine and some bits on life! So that’s what this blog is all about. Its 60% food related and the rest is on thoughts, loves, wine/other alcoholic beverages, music and everything that life throws in between!

So…..ME! I am from the seaside suburb of Dalkey in Co. Dublin, Ireland and I love food! I love cooking! I love the quality of our Irish produce! I love eating out and I love wine! On some days off, I literally sit, sip some vino and read recipes while watching a cookery programme, all just after I have finished putting together some newly inspired dish that is cooking in the oven. My love for good food came from an early age where I was lucky to have parents who brought me and my sisters around the globe, opening us up to the world and all its culinary delights. As I grew older my love of food expanded to wine as well. My father is a huge wine lover and collector where my mother is an amazing self-taught cook who has a natural understanding of food. She is German and French in origin and her cooking reflects all the pleasures and splendours of these produce rich countries while utilising an Irish flair. We are a family of foodies and wine buffs who can spend hours getting lost in food markets and wine cellars.

For me cooking and making a dish is a romance between yourself, the produce and your kitchen! When I cook, I am happy, inspired and relaxed. I listen to music, drink wine and melt away as I stir in the flavours and sample the smells. I put ‘amore’ into my food and there is nothing I like more than cooking a meal for loved ones while I hear them laughing in my living room, proclaiming their immense hunger with ‘mmmmmmmm’s and ‘ahhhhhhhhh’s and listen to the musical sounds of wine glasses as they clink together to toast the evening of gastronomy delights!

All the photos I have taken are real and not photo-shopped! I create food that is what it is; honest and beautiful in its natural form. Please read, practice mine and other’s recipes, let me know your thoughts or do all of the above! Enjoy.

Lets eat, drink and be merry!!

Monica x

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4 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Alexandra

    Well done Mañana! It looks great, love the pics x

  2. Richie

    Splendid work on your first blog. Looking forward to reading more and gaining inspiration for cooking! x

  3. Thank you for the ‘like’. You have a lovely blog and some great recipes and pics, I am looking forward what you share next.

    • Hi Sara! Thank you for your follow and the compliment. Your blog was an interesting read too! I am interested to see what your next post!!

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