My Biggest Culinary Fan; The Wonder That Is Lilly

Dogs Vs. Cats

This picture makes me laugh every single time I look at it. It was sent to me by my best friend Biba who has a mutual love for dogs. To me, this pic sums up everything I think about when it comes to Dogs vs. Cats.

I am not a cat person. Never was, never will be. There is a certain sneaky, selfishness in their personalities which I am not very fond of. Whereas dogs have all the wonderful personality traits which I also look for in a friend or partner; loyalty, dependency, protection, love and no matter what, they will always have your back. Oh and they possess a healthy appetite with a devotion for all things scrummy! 

They are just so goddamn excited about everything!! They love your company and the welcome home they give you after a long day…well just nothing beats that!! Cats on the other hand, can take you or leave you…


The Wonder The Is Lilly Pucci

The love of my life will always be my Lilly Pucci. Lilly is a black Labrador which I had from 4 weeks old and she is now the tender age of 6.

Lilly at 5 weeks


Because I adopted her so young, she never gained the natural dissociation from her mother and siblings so she thinks she is human and even looks down on other dogs!


Lilly and Biba… My friend = Lilly’s friend

She is beyond cute and incredibly intelligent. Lilly also has a shared adoration for food and is thankfully not a picky eater (although she will turn her nose up at the odd piece of celery) so I knew she was the dog for me! She loves my cooking and always asks for seconds.


She is a person in a canine form. I swear she knows how to talk. She’s just waiting for something important to say…

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