Low Calorie Summer Fruit Breakfast Smoothie

I was never really a breakfast person. Don’t get me wrong; I adore breakfast food particularly Eggs Benedict, but I just never had the time to make it. Working in marketing and events has a sort of ‘wake up, shower, dress and run out the door’ military routine. However, contradictory to this way of life, it was working in this environment that actually got me into the custom of starting the day with something in my tummy. I just had such little time that the afternoon could roll around with eating nada and its only when your stomach decides to make an embarrassing announcement of hunger in the middle of a meeting do you remember that ‘food’ word and how you haven’t taken advantage of it all day.

So with a desire never to faint at work and also have the energy to last as long as possible, I knew I had to think of a brekkie that could be made in a second and fill me up for a few hours. The answer was simple… SMOOTHIE!

This smoothie is crisp, easy-peasy to make, low in calories and will fill you until lunchtime. You can use fresh fruit but I like to use frozen fruit as it’s always ready at hand and adds a chill to the drink. I sometimes use low fat crème fraîche to make this drink more bulky, but you can leave that out if you wish. I don’t really measure the ingredients as this is more of a ‘free-hand pour’ recipe and I go on taste and the look of it. But for continuity sake, I’ll list the measurements to the best of my knowledge.

You can also add a banana for those that want more substance and sometimes I add sprig of mint when I’m in the mood.

Difficulty: Puh! So easy.

Prep and cooking time: 2 mins. No prep required

Price:  €10 or under for full ingredients that will make about 10 smoothies.

Music I listened to: Nothing. It’s early morning. I’m barely alive let alone able to bop to a jam.

Wine I drank: Again, morning. Seriously I am not THAT bad.

Serves: 1

Ingredients: (Plant not included)…

  • Handful of Frozen summer berries
  • 100ml Orange juice
  • 1tbsp Honey
  • 150ml Slimline milk
  • 3 tbsp low fat Crème fraîche (optional)
  • 1/2 Banana (optional)


Put a handful of the frozen berries into measuring jug or bowl, top with the orange juice and add the honey.


Blend with a handheld blender until thick and smooth. (I have to do it in the sink because I always manage to get it everywhere. Must repaint walls…). The liquid should be a lovely, vibrant colour. Then add the slimline milk and optional crème fraîche and/or banana and blend again.


And you’re done. Enjoy your breakfast wake up!

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2 thoughts on “Low Calorie Summer Fruit Breakfast Smoothie

  1. Alexandra

    Complete opposite to what I have just made… A Belgian hot chocolate whisked into a perfect froth with a sprinkle of cinnamon!

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