Living My Life To A Soundtrack

I have loved instrumental music since I was 6 years of age.

My first ever soundtrack I bought was ‘The Little Mermaid’ from Walt Disney. I purchased it to listen to ‘Part of Your World’ and pretend for 3 minutes that I was Ariel <insert laughter and multiple face-palms here>. Laugh at me you may, but do you know how hard it is to dance around a room and pretend you have a fish tail for legs while trying to mimic swimming??! It’s a talent. A visual disgrace maybe, but a talent all the same.

So anyway, I bought it to listen to that song and after it was played a million times, I once forgot to press rewind (good old cassette tapes) so it played on to the next song and that’s when I heard this beautiful instrumental music. It was just so wonderful. There was such romance between all these instruments.

The crescendos moved me… moved a little 6 year old girl! My father always said I was an old lady in a young body and I think music and how it influenced my emotions and thoughts, did this. I didn’t need lyrics and someone else’s words to understand the life I was just beginning to live. It stirred up my own emotions and words, my own thoughts and feelings.  I was inspired to think and feel things well beyond my years, to analyse and sympathise with the lives of others and to always look outside of the box. And I was learning EMPATHY, a trait many people sadly think they possess but have no clue how to practice.

From that day forward, I have lived my life to a soundtrack.

I have collected and spent a fortune gathering soundtracks and instrumental pieces. Every day I look for more music to inspire and move me. This music has helped me through so many different things life has brought (and sometimes, punched, kicked and thrown up on me) and uplifted so many intimate moments with friends and loved ones. Every night before I sleep, I pop in my iPod and reminisce on my day, recall lovely instants that may have happened recently and drift to sleep. But yes, it scares the life out of me when I’m suddenly woken up by a booming moment with creepy interludes from a song; I don’t recommend falling asleep to the ‘Let Me In’ soundtrack. I slept with the lights on and a knife under my pillow from that wake-up. You ain’t getting my blood you freaky child, vampire, demon thing.

So basically, I know a lot about instrumental music and their composers (I bow to you Thomas Newman). But out of all the many hours I have spent listening, I never really found a song that represented me. You know that question people ask at dinner parties sometimes, “Who would you like to play you in a movie about yourself?” Well I always think, “What instrumental song would I like to represent me in general?” A tune that makes me feel it was put together with a thought of who I am and my life. Dear God, I sound so self-involved but hey, it is my blog!

I’m never sure of my answer because it all depends on my mood. However, there is one tune that has been sticking with me a lot lately and it doesn’t matter what frame of mind I am in, so maybe this is it.

Hope you enjoy it x

“We Had Today” by Rachel Portman:

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