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Poached Salmon Miso Soup


So it’s practically summer* and I’ve decided to blog about a type of dish to reflect such a season. Now yes, I know; a soup is hardly a summer course, but this is a lovely and light poached salmon soup which leaves you satisfied but does not fill you up and bloat you out of your bikini or swimming trunks.

It’s a beautifully executed dish and the colours are lovely. It’s served with Asian vegetables and the broth is made from miso paste and fish stock, so it’s all goooooood. Oh and low in fat too. I saw this recipe on a Gordon Ramsey programme once and tweaked it a little by using dark miso paste instead of white miso paste and shiitake mushrooms instead of enoki mushrooms.

And by the way, the above substitutions did not come from some divine chef-minded inspiration or anything… I just couldn’t find the original white miso and enoki fungi. Simple. But hey, these replacements worked really well and probably just as good as the original! You can find Gordon’s recipe in his book “Ultimate Cookery Course”.

Tip; Dark miso paste is A LOT more salty than white so use only a little and taste as you do. This is a truth that I and my 3 beautiful guinea pigs discovered when I served this one evening… The equivalent of a bathtub full of water was required and handed out with the rest of the meal. It was a near, death-by-dehydration.

*(A fact widely observed by the study of weather apps highlighting that this season is everywhere in Europe, but definitely not here in the jolly Emerald Isle of Ireland)

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Prep and cooking time: 20 minutes

Price:  €17

Music I listened to: 

“Time for Change”, Mötley Crüe

“I Found A Boy”, Adele

“Second Crisis”, Ennio Morricone

“Slow”, Rumer

“Rocks”, Primal Scream

Wine I drank: Prosecco

Serves: 4



  • 1-1½  tbsp (approx, taste-test) dark miso paste
  • 750ml fish stock
  • 2 kaffir lime leaves
  • 1-2 red chillies, deseeded and finely chopped
  • 3cm piece of fresh root ginger, peeled and finely sliced
  • 500g side of organic salmon, skin on, scaled and pin-boned
  • 1 pak choi
  • 150g tenderstem broccoli
  • 25g shiitake mushrooms
  • 1 tsp toasted sesame oil
  • Sea salt


Place the miso paste in a large pan and whisk in the stock. Taste and add a little salt if necessary. Bring to a simmer, but don’t boil too rapidly as it may separate, and then add the lime leave, chilli and ginger.


Cut the salmon in half widthways if not already sliced, then add to the stock, skin side down and gently simmer for 8-10 minutes, basting the salmon in the liquid until cooked through.


Separate the pak choi leaves from the stems. Chop the stems into bit-sized pieces and shred the leaves. Trim the broccoli and slice in half from top to bottom.


Carefully transfer the salmon to a plate with a fish slice and pour a small ladleful of broth over it. Bring the remaining stock in the pan to the boil.


Put the broccoli and the mushrooms into the broth and after 30 seconds add the pak choi stems. Cook for a further 1-2 minutes, then add the pak choi leaves and cook for about 1 minute.


Meanwhile, carefully peel the skin off the salmon, discard it and flake the salmon flesh into large chunks.


Just before serving, rub your bowls with a little toasted sesame seed oil, place the Asian vegetables into the bowl and tier them into layers while placing the salmon on top. Spoon a few ladles of broth around the tower of yummy-ness and serve!


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‘No’ Thai

So as mentioned last week, my friend Suzy and I went out on a LivingSocial deal last Saturday. I had previously blogged about how we all love these restaurant deals but how we never seem to return to the establishment that provided us with these cheap eats. And sadly after last Saturday, ‘Yo Thai’ is another meal deal restaurant to bite the, never-return-to-pay-the-full-whack, dust.

I’ve only just returned to normal. We hit it hard. After a meal with no atmosphere and little in the way of entertainment (not what I am accustomed to when experiencing teppan’yaki) we decided to make our own fun and drink and dance the night away. Which we did; my love for wine and cocktails left me in a zombie state for 4 days only allowing me to return to my blog now. The ‘fear’ has only just left me.

Now, Saturday! As stated, we were off to ‘Yo Thai’ on a meal deal. For €29, which we already paid in advance, we received Two Miso Soups, Two Teppan’yaki Mains and Two Teas/Coffees. After a few glasses of bubbly in my place, we got a taxi to the restaurant in Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin. Immediately when we opened the door, it was like a time that life forgot. It was a Saturday night at 7.30pm and there was nobody around. I swear I saw a tumble weed.

We were seated at the teppan’yaki bar and were greeted with two waiters strapping bib like aprons around our waist and neck. No ‘excuse me Miss’ or ‘would you mind madam’, just an immediate strap on of that apron. Not a big fan of this touchy-feely greeting as I’m not really one for being mauled by people I don’t know (at least buy me dinner first)! But I also felt it was an ignorant assumption I eat like a 1 year old and hold chopsticks like one too. Even the picture of the happy lobster on the front of the bib, didn’t appease my mood. Later, Suzy astutely stated that she thought the bib was more so we don’t get sprayed by the oil from the teppan’yaki bar. She may have been right, even though I had never experienced this before at any previous teppan’yaki place and that the grill was over a meter away with barely any cooking oil being utilised, so a simple explanation to this demeaning ‘must have’ would have been nice to have received pre-mauling.

Me with Suzy and our bibs. (Toilets were nice though)!

I was given a bib to eat with once before. I was on holiday with my boyfriend at Lake Maggiore and was unceremoniously strapped with a bib after ordering a clam tagliatelle. I took it off immediately. Being surrounded by classy Italians wearing Versace and dripping in gold made me blush in my bib with an ecstatic looking clam on the front. It made me all too aware I was the ‘T’ word (“oh my, look at the tourist over there”) and I took it off quickly before my boyfriend could take a picture. And FYI ecstatic clam; you have nothing to be happy about. You’re about to be in my tummy.

Here, however, I felt even more out of place than the up-market restaurant on the Italian lake. But looking at Suzy and laughing our asses off at the sight of each other made us forget our ridiculous attire. I think the 4 shots of hot sake each helped out too.

Our hot sake in its storage pot with boiling water.

After trying to explain the LivingSocial voucher to them (they seemed to be clueless as to what we were entitled to and we had to convince them they might want to take the coupon for their records at the end of their night), we began to eat. The food was gorgeous. I will give it that. We started with the miso soup and it was so good. I love this soup. It is so satisfying and I always add some soy sauce just to liven it up a little more.

For mains, I had scallop where Suzy had beef teppan’yaki . We both came to the conclusion that lady Suzy won the ‘Yo Thai’ food experience. Her steak was to die for and when I finished my shellfish, I moved onto her mains. She eats like a sparrow. I eat like a man.  



Yes the food was amazing, but the experience of the chef entertaining us with his cooking antics never transpired for us. The chef did get some fire under his butt for the larger party that were seated beside us and I managed to scramble for my camera for a few action photos involving an egg, but that’s it. I didn’t come here to just watch an egg being tossed.

So after our coffee’s we decided to play ‘guess the bill’. Anyone who knows me and my family, knows this game. We play it every time we go out for a meal and the only rule is you’re allowed to know the cost of the wine if other people are aware of it so there is an equal chance. The person furthest from the correct amount of the bill has to pay for the entire meal. (Now, only once has this rule been enforced and this was in Toronto. Never play it with 4 tipsy, Canadian ice-hockey players. They actually follow this rule through and I had to pay $475 on a steak dinner. Serves me right for running my mouth off… ‘Oh I never lose’. And then I did).

Anyway, the bill! So the food was free however there was an €8 supplement for both our steak and scallops. We ordered 1 bottle of wine and a ¼ bottle of hot Sake. We assumed the bill would be €50 but to our surprise it came to €25. They forgot the supplement and there were no hidden extras… Sweet.

So yes the food was really good, but the bib incident, no understanding of the meal deal and the lack of atmosphere and entertainment had us leaving the restaurant knowing we’ll never return.

It’s a ‘No’ Thai. Onto the next meal deal.

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