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Week!!! Move Your Ass

This week is going too slow!!! I want the weekend to arrive with all its fanfare and glory. With its butter soaked meals and alcoholic grape juice. With its glorious daytime walks and social late night banter.

More importantly, I want to wake up naturally and stick a middle finger up to my phone who wears the evil mask of “The Alarm” every 7am Monday-Friday and 8am on Saturday’s. SCREW YOU ALARM/PHONE/EVIL HYBRID!!! I’m snoozing on the slumber train this weekend.

On another note, I did come home wearing a second coat last Saturday night after a “quiet” dinner in Jamie Oliver’s restaurant with my sister. “Quiet” means I didn’t come home with an injury or stray animal. Or both.

I wonder if I will ever find the owner and have them reunited once again.


That’s me. The coat-napper.

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